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Team Giraffe are an animator (Laura Nailor) and a programmer (Chris Lord) who like to make fun things in their spare time. Laura is known, amongst other things, for working on the Simon's Cat films on YouTube, and Chris works at Mozilla, on FirefoxOS.

We can be contacted at contact @ <domain>, or via Twitter (@TeamGiraffeUK).


Oh Chute!

Screenshot of Oh Chute!'s attract mode

Oh Chute! is a modern interpretation of a classic arcade game. You are a sky-diving enthusiast, looking to experience an adrenaline rush and test your skills, but the numerous helicopter pilots in the area have it in for you... Dive out of your plane, open your 'chute and try to land in the trickiest spots for big points, but mind out you don't get caught in the blades of a rogue helicopter!

Oh Chute! will be releasing soon. Check out the beta!


Gameplay screenshot of Puzzowl

Puzzowl is a colour-matching game with a twist. A literal twist, that is! Drag rows of owls to line up four or more vertically, but if things are getting tough, tilt your device to the side to rotate the parliament. A parliament is the collective noun for owls, don'tcha know!

Contact us via e-mail or Twitter for more details, or to become a tester.

Rogue Tales

Gameplay screenshot of Rogue Tales

Rogue Tales is a first-person dungeon crawler set in Arthurian legend. Arrive in Camelot as an unskilled rogue and create your own adventure as you experience a mix of permanent and procedural content.